PDFFinancial Highlights [47.5KB]


Operating Profit

Profit before Tax

Profit for the Year

(billion yen)*

FYE 3/'18FYE 3/'19FYE 3/'20
YoY (%)14.3%2.0%5.9%
Gross Profit (%)54.3%54.5%-%
SG&A Expenses (%)36.1%37.8%-%
Operating ProfitOperating Profit108.6106.6109.0
YoY (%)23.7%-1.8%2.2%
Net Sales (%)18.5%17.8%17.2%
Profit before TaxProfit before Tax106.6102.7-
YoY (%)42.4%-3.7%-%
Net Sales (%)18.1%17.1%-%
Profit for the YearProfit for the Year91.379.581.0
YoY (%)66.0%-13.0%1.9%
Net Sales (%)15.5%13.3%12.8%

※1 Mar.2019 Guidance as of Feb. 7, 2019.

Terumo Corporation has adopted IFRS from the fiscal year ended March 31,2018.

Research and Development Expenses

Capital Expenditure & Depreciation and Amortization

(billion yen)

FYE 3/'18FYE 3/'19FYE 3/'20
Research and Development ExpensesResearch and Development Expenses41.347.750.0
YoY (%)27.7%15.3%4.9%
Net Sales (%)7.0%8.0%7.9%
Capital Expenditure43.660.875.0
Depreciation and Amortization42.044.049.0
FYE 3/'18FYE 3/'19FYE 3/'20
Average in the PeriodsUS$ (yen)110.85110.92108.00
Euro (yen)129.66128.44123.00

Total Assets & Total Equity

Free Cash Flow

(billion yen)

FYE 3/'18FYE 3/'19
Total Assets1,081.01,120.8
Total Equity550.4698.1
Ratio of Equity attributable to owners of parent(%)50.9%62.3%

(billion yen)

FYE 3/'18FYE 3/'19
Net Cash Provided by (Used in)Operating Activities114.693.6
Net Cash Provided by (Used in) Investing Activities-44.1-74.8
Net Cash Provided by (Used in) Financing Activities-4.1-67.5
Free Cash Flow70.518.8



FYE 3/'18FYE 3/'19FYE 3/'20
EPS (yen)*3129.56108.70109.03
BPS (yen)*3777.94939.60-
Dividend per Share (yen)
Dividend Payout Ratio19.3%24.8%25.7%
Shares Issued and Outstanding at the Year-end (Thous.)*2 *3707,388742,902-
Employees at the Year-end23,31925,378-

※1 Mar.2020 Guidance as of May. 9, 2019.

Terumo Corporation has adopted IFRS from the fiscal year ended March 31,2018.

※2 Numbers of shares issued and outstanding exclude treasury shares.

※3 Terumo Corporation split each share of common stock into two shares effective on 1st April 2019. Earnings per share, Book-value per share, and Shares issued and outstanding at the year-end have been restated, as appropriate, to reflect a two-for-one stock split effective April 1, 2019.

※ The ratio may have small numeric differences from other information Terumo discloses because automatic calculation rounds down amount less than one million yen.